Tarte Shape Tape Dupe? Tarte Shape Tape vs. Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

TheIMG_0438 Tarte shape tape concealer completely blew up in the makeup community within the last few years, and for good reason. I recently got my hands on it and it has not disappointed me at all. It has amazing coverage without feeling drying or cakey, and it is easy to blend…10/10 from me!


However, there have been some claims that there is a dupe for this tried and true concealer, and that is the Makeup Revolution conceal & define concealer. Some have claimed that this is a complete dupe for shape tape, some have claimed it isn’t. Both of these are enough to spark my curiosity and want to compare these two products side by side to see if we lucked out with a dupe because, although amazing, shape tape can be a tad steep at a cool $27.


-The makeup revolution concealer has a much thinner consistency than shape tape.

-The makeup revolution concealer needs to be built up for additional coverage.

-The shape tape feels thicker and more full-coverage than makeup revolution.

-The shape tape requires less product to do the job than the makeup revolution one.

-I haven’t experienced creasing under the eyes from either of these….HUGE plus!

-I set both of these with a powder, Coty Airspun, but I do believe that you could get away with not setting them. I just have to because I have crinkly eyes, what can I say.

Bang for your buck: 

-The Tarte Shape Tape concealer is 0.3381 Fl. oz. for $27.

-Makeup Revolution Define & Conceal is 0.14 Fl. oz. for $7.

**Tarte Shape Tape has nearly three times the amount of product, but still makes the Makeup Revolution concealer a better deal in terms of price and quantity. 


-Both concealers have a “doe foot” applicator, which makes it quick and easy to apply under the eye area.

-Tarte applicator is larger than makeup revolution.

-Both blend out easily and set nicely with powder.

-Both are build able coverage.

Shade range:

-Tarte shape tape has 14 shades. I use the shade “Light sand”.

-Makeup revolution has 18 shades. I use the shade “C2”.

(Quite a few of these have been consistently out of stock lately)


Personally, I do believe the tarte concealer performs better, it just does. However, for the price point, I do feel like the makeup revolution concealer does a great job as well. If Tarte shape tape had never come along, I think I would be raving about the makeup revolution one a lot more, but unfortunately, now I’m spoiled having tried it and don’t want to settle for anything less (high maintenance probs). The size of both is something to also consider when it comes to the price point…honestly, I think I would repurchase both. I think they both do a great job and am happy to have them in my collection!


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