The Makeup Trick That Makes Your Face Appear Thinner

Coty Airspun translucent loose face powder/ EcoTools sponge. 

It seems like we’re all trying to change the shape of our face a bit with the help of makeup. We contour our faces to emphasize our cheekbones, and maybe to hide the extra couple lbs stored in our face (mostly referring to me, myself & I).


But lately I have been taking it a step further than contouring and I have been applying translucent powder under my contour to emphasize it.

This trick I actually picked up from a popular Youtuber, Jaclyn Hill, and many of you may have already learned this from her, but I wanted to write about it for those of you who haven’t heard of it, and to share my way of doing it because it is so simple and easy!

All that I’ve been doing is, after I apply my bronzer/contour on my cheeks, I dip my damp EcoTools sponge (I prefer this one because it has a sharp edge) and place the powder right under where I bronzed my cheeks. As you can see in this photo (please excuse the harsh bathroom lighting and awkwardIMG_0392ness of this photo- I just wanted to give you somewhat of a visual, lol!) I place it under that bronzer, leave it there just for a little while I do another part of my makeup, then wipe it away.

Sometimes I feel that the line looks a bit stark, so after wiping it away I will take that bronzer brush again and go over that bronzer I applied before to diffuse the harsh line I just made.

Voila! Now you can fool everyone into believing that you have lost weight, at least in your face 😉





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