All About Micro-needling| Why You Need to Try It

Let’s talk micro-needling. The majority of you have probably never heard of it and those of you who have may be skeptical about it. Considering the tool looks like a medieval torture device, it makes sense why people might question the effects.

First, what is micro-needling? Micro-needling is a skin treatment where you roll a roller of micro needles onto your skin where it  “injures” your skin, causing it to produce collagen. This treatment is known to make the skin appear more youthful by reducing fine lines, skin pigmentation, loose skin, helps to minimize pores, stretch marks and pigment issues. There are probably even additional benefits I’m unaware about, as this seems to be such a multi-purpose, miracle product.IMG_0371

I started micro-needling my skin when I discovered Rodan & Fields products last summer and have been loving it ever since. I initially was drawn to this treatment because of its claim to reduce the appearance of skin texture and acne scars, not to mention I felt that it wouldn’t hurt to get a jumpstart on caring for my skin properly at an early age.

It is important to remember that we are taking care of our skin for the future. The way you take care of your skin now will show up ten years from now…I remember an esthetician told me that the way I took care of my skin now in my 20’s would reflect on my skin in my 30’s, the way I cared for my skin in my 30’s would reflect on my skin in my 40’s, and so on. This sounds obvious, but is so important to remember when caring for your skin. So, yes I don’t have any crazy wrinkles now because I am young, but it’s best to use preventative measures now rather than having to try to diminish skin issues later on down the road.

***I feel that it is important to mention that I do not have sensitive skin. My skin is probably used to me testing all these products out on it over the years and has built up somewhat of a tolerance if you will. So, I am able to do this multiple nights a week and my skin could probably handle being “rolled”? each night if I wasn’t too lazy.

How do you use the roller? The way I have been instructed to use the roller is to remove all makeup, wash my face, tone my skin and then go in rolling the roller on my face for about a minute in various directions. I also bring the roller under my eye area, onto my lips and neck as well because they can always use some extra collagen production. The process doesn’t exactly hurt it just feels a bit strange when you first do it, but the more consistent you do it you will get used to the sensation.

Afterwards, I apply the retinol or serum I am using, then follow up with my night moisturizer. These products are really going to penetrate into the skin following this “treatment”.

So, the bottom line is, do you want/ need to produce additional collagen in your skin? The answer is likely yes, so then you would benefit from micro-needling your skin. And if the answer is no….your future skin needs the love and collagen so just take the leap and do it now. Your 40, 50 year-old self will thank you for it.

P.S. If you’re interested in purchasing a Rodan & Fields micro-needling roller, I am your gal! I am a consultant and have a website that makes it easy to purchase the products: If you have further questions please feel free to contact me!


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