How-To: Smoky Glam Eyeshadow| Too Faced Boudoir Palette




It’s not often that I feel ~inspired~ to do smoky, glam eyeshadow- fake lashes and all. So, naturally I had to document the  time recently that I did. I would be completely lying if I said that this was a quick, easy eyeshadow look to create as I spent waaaay too long blending and layering different shadows on here. I thought I would write a blog post breaking down somewhat of a step-by-step on how I created this look with my Too Faced Boudoir palette and Revlon liquid “frosty”? eyeshadow stick. Please excuse my old lady robe in the photos of this eyeshadow look…

Too Faced Boudoir palette.

First off, I did this eyeshadow before the rest of my makeup, which I feel is important to avoid eyeshadow fallout. I used the Too Faced eyeshadow insurance eye primer, and this helped to prolong the eyeshadow and keep it from creasing, also might’ve even helped the eyeshadow colors to look a bit more vibrant…who knows really.The MOST important step I believe for doing any sort of detailed eyeshadow look is to use tape- yes, tape! Putting tape at an angle on the outer corner of the eye will give you a clean line, which makes a difference when you’re blending multiple shadows. So, after I applied tape, eyeshadow primer and set the eyeshadow primer with the shade “In the buff” from this palette, I started to build up the shadows.

Smoky glam eyeshadow. Featuring old lady robe…
  • I took “Fuzzy Handcuffs” and used this as my “transition” shade, blending all through my crease with a big blending brush.
  • Next, I took the charcoal shade, “Garter Belt” and blended that with a smaller, angled brush just in the
    crease and was careful to not blend too far upwards.
  • Then, I took the black shade, “French Tickler” on a pointed(ish) brush and tapped on the outer corner.
  • I used the liquid pink eyeshadow (non-glitter side) on the Revlon shadow stick and applied that to the inner part of my lid and center of my eye.
  • Now I wanted to make the lid shade stand out more so I went back to the palette and took the frosty pink shade, “Satin Sheets”, which I’m obsessed with, and applied that right over the liquid eyeshadow I just applied, as well as the inner corner and brow bone to highlight those areas.

    Too Faced Boudoir palette, Revlon Photoready Eye Art.

**Now I did layer these shadows quite a bit and often went back to build them up throughout. I feel like this is important because sometimes the shadow colors and intensity can get blended away or “hidden” among the other shadows that are applied if that makes sense.

To finalize the eye look I just tight-lined my eyes with a black eyeliner, applied liquid liner to my lash line, curled lashes/applied mascara, applied fake lashes (which took 13 hours), put liquid liner on top of the lash line one more time to blend in the lash band, and put on a little mascara to blend both natural and fake lashes together. FINALLY, I took the eyeshadow shade, “Garter Belt” and blended it into the bottom lash line and applied mascara to my bottom lashes. Then I finished the rest of my makeup…..

Phew, if you’ve made it this far I applaud you. Now I shared the details of this eye look because some people were commenting on the Instagram photo I posted of it, and figured I would break it down. I am by no means a makeup artist, I just genuinely enjoy playing with makeup and have invested plenty of time (too much time) in watching makeup tutorials and practicing on myself, so I figured I’d relay some of the techniques I’ve picked up to anyone else who is interested.:))


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