Makeup Products You Need

I absolutely love trying out new makeup products on a regular basis. I’m constantly keeping up with the latest releases and trying to get my hands on the latest buzz in makeup. With that being said, there are definitely products I will never stray away from and will remain loyal to because they’re just that good. I have collected my favorite products that I will definitely repurchase, the majority of them drugstore products, win!

  1. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal– This concealer is loved by many beauty bloggers and I was quickly able to see why. The formula is thin with great coverage, and the applicator makes it easy to apply. Not to mention the price point can’t be beat. I purchased a 3 pack of these back in 2016 for $8 on Amazon and am on my last one. Fantastic product!
  2. Garnier Clearly Brighter Eye Roller- This roller is great to help combat dark circles and puffiness. I use it nearly every morning and it provides a tiny bit of color to your under eye area and is perfect to use if you’re going for the no-makeup IMG_0032makeup look.
  3. L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer- This brow pencil has become my favorite brow product. It is pigmented, glides on so easily and is affordable. I’ve heard some people say it’s just as good as the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I use this product every day and will always repurchase!
  4. It Cosmetics CC Cream- I feel like this product is somewhat of a cult favorite, and for good reason. It provides enough coverage while also feeling light and providing the skin with an anti-aging serum and a sunscreen all in one miraculous product. It is hydrating, and great for those dry winter months.
  5. Maybelline Brow Drama– I’ve been using this product for some time now and it is seriously like hairspray for your brows. I usually put it on after I use my brow pencil to keep things in place. I wish they would make this in a clear formula to set the brows, but for now I will continue to use the tinted ones.
  6. NYC Liquid Eyeliner- I have been using this liquid eyeliner since I was a teenager. The applicator is small, easy to use and it dries down completely matte. I haven’t been able to find these in the store, but I did recently purchase a 3 pack of these on Amazon. I will never stray away, this is the best liquid liner I’ve used, hands down.
  7. L’oreal Voluminous Mascara- This is totally a cult favorite, and is a must have in my makeup collection. It makes your lashes thick and long without making them clumpy. I use the one with the curved applicator and it beats any other mascara I’ve tried!

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