Hair Mask for Damaged Hair


It is safe to say I am obsessed with hair care. I have a huge stash of products that typically focus on volume and thickness considering my hair tends to lack in both those categories. With that being said, I’ve also done some research into hair masks that could potentially make my hair grow longer, faster, and came across a recipe I had to try.

The homemade concoction includes: coconut oil, castor oil, aloe vera, vitamin E oil, olive oil. The most important of this list? Castor oil! Castor oil is extremely beneficial for hair growth and is the most important of this recipe. What initially made me want to attempt this mask was that it is nourishing to hair, because I have dry ends & flat hair…can’t win, and that it helps with hair growth.


This mask needs to sit in the hair for hours for it to fully sink in, so I typically sleep in it overnight. Now, this can be messy so I suggest putting your hair up in some sort of headband/bandana to keep it out of your face and just wash your pillowcase later…it’s natural ingredients anyways. If you don’t want to sleep in it, you could always just keep it in your hair during the day then wash at night, the choice is yours.

I must say the first time I did this I didn’t follow any measurements and just mixed all the ingredients together- focusing on my scalp and ¬†massaging the mask into my scalp then bringing it down to my ends. Then, hours later, wash your hair like normal. I typically use conditioner afterwards even if it’s just a little, this will depend on your type of hair though.


I documented the first time I did this with photos because I wanted to see if it made any difference, and I am glad I did. Please pardon the subpar quality, I definitely didn’t intend for them to be put on a blog, and I just wanted some visual of the potential growth (Also, let the photos be an example of how easily muscle tone can be lost… ughhhh). The pictures are one month apart and you can noticeably see my hair is longer and even thicker, which is exactly what I needed. I highly recommend you try this mask!




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